I got a fancy suit and it turned me into a brand-new man

Lately I had been feeling run-down, as thought I was struggling to push on through my life against an impenetrable and thick wall of malevolent lethargy – it was no good.

Then my wife suggested something – why not try getting some new clothes? I admit, I wasn’t convinced, Susan often had ideas that are better suited to herself than to me. But this time she was absolutely right.

The town of Inverurie itself is beautiful, but it wasn’t until I looked into their premium menswear shop in the center of Inverurie that I really found what I was looking for.

I dropped in past Gibbs Menswear, a high-end menswear shop, who tailor specifically to people like me.

From the moment I entered the shop I was struck by the beautiful clothes on sale, from formal shirts and colorful ties, to luxurious and delicate suit jackets, and even kilts fit for a glorious marriage.

I was made to feel incredibly welcome by the friendly and exceedingly knowledgeable staff, who knew everything from how to sew on a new button, to measuring me for a brand-new kilt, should I require it.

I was shown to a clean and well made fitting room, where I tried on several lovely shirts from a variety of high end brands, along with a suitable mix of trousers, chinos and kilts, all that had been selected for my approval by the store owner.

Barry, whom I later came to learn was the owner, was extremely friendly and generous the entire time I was in his establishment. He made me feel right at home and regaled me with talk of fashion throughout the ages, and how he had seen styles come and go as the decades rolled by like waves on the shore of the North Sea.

“Some looks, are timeless though” he said to me, and with that, he recommended that I get myself a navy suit, as well as a tweed one. The cost, was not even as much as I had first expected.

Moving back to the original topic, I had been feeling down, stuck in a rut you could say. But when I looked in the mirror on that crisp September morning in Gibbs Menswear, Inverurie, I felt the shackles of lethargy lift from me as I saw myself dressed like a champion in my fantastic tweed suit.

As I left the shop and walked back to the carpark (less than a 5 minute walk) I felt absolutely revitalized, as though I had left Gibbs a younger and more energetic man than when I had entered.

That my friends, is the power of a good outfit.

Suffice to say, when Susan saw me, she was gob smacked, not just at how fantastic I looked, but also at the change that had come over me. I was more energetic and confident with every stride I took!

The moral to this story, if indeed there is one, is that a new outfit can change your whole perspective, and if you are looking for a tailor that will stop everything to make you feel at home, recommend outfits to you, and ensure that you are 100% happy with your new look, then I cannot speak highly enough of Gibbs Menswear, of Barry and his hard working team.

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