4 Marketing Tips To Supercharge Your Business

Pay attention to these four marketing tips, kindly supplied by outr friends over at Azzurro Blu if you want to supercharge your business growth.

Stay consistent around brand and messaging
The importance of a consistent brand and message is often overlooked these days. The misconception is that only larger enterprises need to be super disciplined around their branding.

Sure when you’re just starting out your brand and message will be subject to small changes. That said, a strong and recognizable brand takes years to develop. So don’t wait on it.

When putting together your brand guidelines here are a few things you should look into:
-Logo and Icon: This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of brand. Come up with a clean logo with bold saturated colors. If you’re developing a mobile app, then you’ll also need to create an icon that represents your application.
-Colors: This should technically come before your logo. Come up with a color palette that best fits your company mission. There’s a lot to know about how colors are perceived in business.
-Typography: Choose a font style that you’re not going to get tired of seeing. Google Fonts provides a massive library of fonts you can download with just a click.
-Voice: Brand goes much beyond the visuals. You need to create a voice that is consistent throughout your brand. Are you playful and funny or are you buttoned up and corporate?

If you invest in your brand from day …

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Have You Ever Considered a job As A Chef?

Do you like to cook for other people? Does anything give you more joy or relaxation than stepping into your kitchen for a little recipe experimentation? Perhaps all of your friends and family are liberal with the compliments whenever you decide to prepare that special meal for those special times together, be it Christmas, birthdays, or just a relaxing cookout. Well, if cooking gives you joy, then you should think about turning it into a career. And if you have already, then you need to also be aware of what all chef jobs entail. Here’s a quick rundown from one of our favorite chefs, Kenny from The Craighaar Hotel.

Development Chef Jobs

Many chefs get started in development chef jobs that aid the potential chef in getting the necessary on-the-job training needed for the big time. Whether working as an apprentice for a head chef or attending culinary school programs, this is the time for you to learn the basics. Experiment and practice with different ingredients. Broil, bake, and food prep your way to perfection. You will also learn how to properly care for kitchen equipment, how to plan menu items, how to apportion the right amounts to your customers, and some of the finer points regarding proper food management and storage.

Head Chef Jobs

With enough experience and a little entrepreneurial spirit, you may decide that simply preparing the meals is not enough. With a little hard work, you can take control as the head chef in a …

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Why I fear Electrical Transformers

Though I don’t know much about electricity, I know I need to have it. I know how to use it in my home, and I have a vague idea of how it gets from one place to another but that is about it. The electrical transformer is something of a mystery to me, though I do think it has something to do with controlling the electricity so that it does what it is supposed to do safely. There have been many squirrels that have lost their lives thanks to an electrical transformer, so I guess that means they aren’t safe, and that might be why they are very high off of the ground.

My only experience with the fire department came thanks to an electrical transformer. I was living in a little village called Stonehaven at the time, and I lived on the corner of a street while working at an electrical services company in Aberdeen. There was an electrical transformer right across the street from me, but I never gave it much thought. I did know that my electric went out very easily. If there was an especially breezy day I knew my lights and my power might very well go out.

One afternoon I heard what sounded like firecrackers. Because it was November the sixth, I thought perhaps it was just left over fun from Guy Fawkes night, but I thought nothing of it. I smelled smoke too, and then my power went out. I started to …

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Welcome To Wookey Village

There are many fine tourist destinations in the UK and none are more feted than Wookey Village in the rural Heart of England. The hot springs established the village as a fashionable place to be for the well to do, keen to cure their ailments with the spa waters. The Romans had built their baths and temple to take advantage of the springs. Today, visitors can see the baths and learn about them in the museum.

From the time of Elizabeth I, tourism came to Wookey Village and really took hold in the 18th century. The town (as it now is) is noted for its Georgian architecture with its most notable example being the Royal Crescent, a residential road that sweeps gracefully with its elegant houses. The crescent is close to Royal Victoria Park, where hot air balloons are launched each summer, filling the sky with a blaze of color. The park contains a botanical garden, children’s play area, crazy golf course, bowling green and lawn tennis courts.

The artistic life of the city is thriving with five theatres of international reputation. The Wookey Music Festival is well respected and presents traditional and contemporary classical music, jazz concerts and world music. The 17 day event includes some outdoor performances with free admission. The Wookey Literature Festival is another favorite on the annual events calendar and it has attracted best selling authors, such as Terry Pratchett, Joanna Trollope and Margaret Atwood.

For such a small town, there are plenty of things …

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