Wookey Village – The Heart of England

Welcome to Wookey Village

There are many fine tourist destinations in the UK and none are more feted than Wookey Village in the rural Heart of England. The hot springs established the village as a fashionable place to be for the well to do, keen to cure their ailments with the spa waters. The Romans had built their baths and temple to take advantage of the springs. Today, visitors can see the baths and learn about them in the museum.

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A Village Steeped in History

From the time of Elizabeth I, tourism came to Wookey Village and really took hold in the 18th century. The town (as it now is) is noted for its Georgian architecture, with its most notable example being the Royal Crescent, a residential road that sweeps gracefully with its elegant houses. The crescent is close to Royal Victoria Park, where hot air balloons are launched each summer, filling the sky with a blaze of color. The park contains a botanical garden, a children’s play area, a crazy golf course, a bowling green, and lawn tennis courts.

The artistic life of the village is thriving with five theatres of international reputation. The Wookey Music Festival is well respected and presents traditional and contemporary classical music, jazz concerts, and world music. The 17-day event includes some outdoor performances with free admission. The Wookey Literature Festival is another favorite on the annual events calendar, and it has attracted best-selling authors, such as Terry Pratchett, Joanna Trollope, and Margaret Atwood.

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