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My New Bathroom Is Installed – And I Love It

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing one of my least favorite jobs – bathroom remodeling. I believe it is one of the hardest and most involved projects that you can take on but, I suppose, it can also be one of the most satisfying, especially if you are remodeling because everything is old, as was the case in my house. A quick look at the 1970’s avocado suite told me it was time to get serious and bring my house into the 20th (or is it the 21st) century. There are many aspects of this type of job, and I find that there are some things that you simply cannot do on your own. But that’s why I decided to get my friend involved – he runs a company of heating engineers in Aberdeen so, because it’s a long way away, it meant having him as a house guest for a few weeks. Anyhow, back to the story, although this kind of job is a bit crappy I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having the bathroom of my dreams. I just wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of work (or time) involved.

One thing about bathroom remodeling that you may not be able to do on your own, as was the case with me, is to install things like new toilets, sinks, and showers. There is usually plumbing and some very heavy lifting involved, and that means you need to hire someone (like my pal Harry) who knows what they are doing. You certainly don’t want to take the chance of installing something the wrong way, only to have a flood the first time you use it. You also don’t want to hurt yourself when you are trying to lift something that would require more than one person on any normal day.

You may be able to install your own tile when doing bathroom remodeling, but if you have never done it, you may want to have someone do it for you, or at least assist you in the process. There is a lot of water moving around in bathrooms each day, and you want to be sure your tile is installed to protect your walls and floors correctly. You don’t want to mess up when you are installing tile for a bathroom remodeling. When installed wrong, you lose time and money taking it out and starting all over again.

One part of bathroom remodeling you can do on your own is also the fun part. Choosing your colors and your accessories is always fun, and you can get whatever you want as long as it fits within your budget. You can go with colors and schemes that would work well in a bathroom, but don’t worry, you won’t have a hard time figuring out what those are.

I had great fun with this small project and, thanks to Harry the smallest room in the house is now a room that I love spending time in. That’s when I know my project was well worth it.

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